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Amigara Mountain is the setting of The Enigma of Amigara Fault. It is a large mountain located somewhere in Japan's H------ Prefecture.


Amigara Mountain was caught in a massive earthquake that destroyed many surrounding towns, causing parts of the mountain to fall apart and shift. One of these faults revealed a large wall with dozens of human-shaped tunnels carved in its surface, each appearing to resemble a specific person. Through some unknown supernatural power, anyone who saw "their" hole in the mountain (either in person or via the news reports of the strange discovery) was compelled to go to the mountain and enter the tunnel.

Some time after the initial earthquake, another series of holes was found on a different part of the mountain. These ones had been badly deformed by the shifting stone, appearing like nothing in particular. However, they were discovered to connect to some of the holes in the other fault, as a man investigating them saw a twisted humanoid figure slowly crawling through the tunnel.

According to a dream experienced by Owaki, Amigara Mountain may have been colonized by a primitive tribe of humans in the distant past. This tribe created the holes through unknown means as a form of punishment for horrible crimes, forcing the guilty party to travel through their hole to an uncertain fate.