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Angel Hair is a one-shot and the first chapter of Muma no Kikou.


Kyouko Byakuya is hiking on the Sengoku Mountain when she encounters fine threads of what looks like golden hair raining down onto her. She thinks that it may be "angel hair", a mysterious substance believed to come from spiders or UFOs. A man, Aizawa, appears and tells her he already knows her name; he believes a god has destined her to come to his village. He leads her there, and Kyouko realises she cannot remember why she went to Sengoku Mountain in the first place. She thinks maybe it was fate after all.

Aizawa takes Kyouko to his home, the Kiyokami Village; which is completely covered in the angel hair. The villagers believe the hair to be the physical manifestation of their god, "Lord Amagami". All the villagers have psychic powers like Aizawa's, caused from being in the presence of the hair. They take Kyouko to the Town Hall, where they explain that the hair comes out of the volcano in the Sengoku Mountain. They believe this is due to the martyrdom of Miguel, a Christian missionary killed by the shogunate; he was thrown into the volcano, and the villagers worship him alongside Lord Amagami. Recently, the hair has begun erupting from the volcano and the villagers do not know why. Aizawa then received a premonition that Kyouko would arrive and that she would bring blessings to the village.

Kyouko wants to leave, but the villagers encourage her to stay and attend an annual stargazing event. Aizawa believes that Miguel's spirit resides somewhere out in the universe and, if the villagers focus enough, they will be able to find him. Stars erupt across the sky, and the angel hair begins to rain down. The villagers concentrate on summoning Miguel; soon, an enormous figure looms in the sky. It is not Miguel, but an eldritch abomination and black hair erupts from its presence. The hair completely covers the village.

60 years later, it is believed that the Kyokami Village was destroyed by a volcanic eruption. A team of archaeologists unearth Kyouko, buried inside a cocoon of the "angel hair", which melts away. Kyouko's own hair has changed into the angel hair and she is no longer human.