Chapter two of Tomie: Again.


Satoru, a young eight or nine-year-old boy comes across Tomie regenerating in a cave. He thinks she's dead, but she calls out to him and tells him to visit her until she heals. She also forces Satoru to kiss her. Satoru comes back to Tomie every day and brings her clothes and food. She heals rapidly, and continues to tell him that he's hers and kisses him.

Satoru's parents notice that he's stealing and behaving strangely. When Tomie doesn't like the dress he brought her (from his mother) he shoplifts one that she asked for. Satoru's mother finds them on the beach together but Tomie claims to be his mother now. Satoru's mother drags him home.

Satoru continues to have violent fits at night. When his parents catch him trying to sneak out of the house to see Tomie, they lock him in, but he slashes everything to ribbons before breaking loose and running to the beach to find her. There, he sees Tomie fully healed and embracing a new man. Satoru kills the man with scissors but Tomie rejects him, saying he's annoying and too young for her. 

Satoru's parents know he's guilty of the murder, and tie him up at home. He screams for Tomie, who eventually appears outside the house. His mother wants to call the police but his father is instantly transfixed with Tomie, and follows her, never to be seen again. 

We are told in the ending panels that Satoru grew up to be a deranged, violent criminal and was finally executed for his crimes.