Chapter 7 of Voices in the Dark.


Late at night, Noriko receives a phone call from a man named Furuhashi. He tells her he is coming over now, and hangs up, ignoring her screams to leave her alone. Although the doors and windows are all bolted, he appears before her, and bows on the floor, begging for forgiveness. He then appears to burst into flames and melt away. Noriko isn't sure if this is some kind of trick.

We discover through flashbacks that Furuhashi was the leader of a biker gang who attacked Noriko's family when they went on a trip the previous year. Noriko's father and younger brother were killed, her older brother was severely wounded, and her mother is now in a coma. Furuhashi was sentenced to death but began to write dozens of letters to Noriko and her brother, apologising for his actions. The letters stopped after the prison agreed not to send them, but recently he has begun writing again and then calling, asking to come over and give an apology in person.

The ghost continues to appear and disappear each night. They wonder if it's some kind of hologram or projection the real Furuhashi is sending, since the prison confirmed that Furuhashi has never left the grounds. Noriko's brother takes the opportunity to violently beat the ghost but it doesn't help him in any way. He can eventually take no more, and commits suicide. When the ghost continues to return, Noriko screams that she forgives him, and pleads with him never to come back again. He says that he will keep coming back until she  can forgive him with sincerity.

Noriko's mother eventually dies. The ghost still visits. Noriko reads in the newspaper that Furuhashi was finally executed; and stays awake all night, expecting his ghost. He never returns again.

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