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Chapter five of Souichi's Diary of Curses. This story is the only one in the volume that doesn't feature Souichi, instead focusing on Miss Fuchi from the previous story, Rumors.


Iwasaki, a scriptwriter, has a premonition that something bad is about to happen. He browses through a magazine and is shocked by the horrifying appearance of one of the models featured. He begins to have nightmares about her and is haunted by the image of her face, which becomes more and more monstrous each time. On the advice of a friend he tries to get a copy of the magazine and see if she's really as bad as he imagined; but the magazine has already been replaced with the newest issue.

Iwasaki and his friends are working on a new indie film and decide to audition for the female lead, as they can't find a high school girl attractive enough. As they start to go through the casting pictures, Iwasaki begins to have a sense of dread again. Sure enough, the last picture is of the woman he saw in the magazine. Even though she looks like a monster, the others decide to hire her for another role because as a professional model she will raise the profile of their movie.

The film crew meets Tamae Mori, a beautiful girl they have chosen to play the lead; and the model, who introduces herself as Miss Fuchi. In person, she is a hulking giant and her face is even more horrifying. She becomes quite taken with Iwasaki when the director jokingly says that Iwasaki is a big fan of hers.

Everybody drives out to a mountain for shooting. In the car, the crew becomes wary of Fuchi when she starts to laugh, revealing her razor-sharp fangs. She obsessively stares at Iwasaki during the shoot and follows him when he goes to wash his face in the river. He tries to convince the crew to abandon filming and leave her there, but they are worried she will follow them and be angry.

Fuchi appears and demands to know why they have spent the whole time ignoring her while filming Tamae. After a brief discussion among themselves the crew decides to just shoot all of Fuchi's scenes in one go so they can get rid of her. Miyake, another crew member runs screaming that he has just witnessed Fuchi kill and eat Tamae. The others (except Iwasaki) don't believe him, until they arrive at the place he led them to and find blood stains everywhere.

A bloodstained Fuchi appears from behind a fallen tree, having eaten Tamae; and declares herself the lead actress of the movie. The four men run, and Fuchi catches and mauls Miyake to death, while everyone else runs from her. However, Iwasaki isn't fast enough, and Fuchi catches him. She is happy that she can finally be alone with him.