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Graveman is the third chapter of Mimi's Ghost Stories.


Following the events of The Woman Next Door, Mimi moves house. Her new apartment faces onto a graveyard. Naoto comes over and she points out a strange little hill in the graveyard, which Naoto thinks is a burial mound. Mimi is horrified at the idea; in Japan, burials are rare, and a cemetery where people have been buried is considered scarier. Naoto apologizes for upsetting her. 

That night, Mimi begins hearing strange noises coming from the cemetery, but it's too dark to see anything. However, the next day she notices that one of the graves is now off-center. She begins hearing the noises again at night and, when she looks outside, sees what she thinks are spirits in the sky. Naoto thinks it's burning phosphorus that comes from dead bodies and thus, people are really buried there. Mimi has begun to close her curtains because she feels like something's watching her. Sure enough, when she and Naoto go out to the graveyard, they see that all the graves have turned towards her building. 

Naoto stays over for a stake-out to watch what's happening at the graveyard. They see that Mimi's neighbor, an extremely muscular bodybuilder, is the one who's been moving the graves. Naoto startles the man, causing him to fall into an open grave with a skeleton there. Mimi and Naoto call the police. The man is arrested, and the families of the people buried hire cranes to move the graves back. All the graves had been facing north, which is considered unlucky in Japan. 

The neighbor returns home and Mimi catches him posing outside on his balcony. He explains that he loves the attention he gets from the ghosts watching him. That night, Mimi hears noises again and sees that he's gone back to turning the graves around. Ghostly faces appear on the front of the graves, and watch her, still staring at the house even after she's closed her curtains. 

The man is forced to move house when the neighbors discover he's still disturbing the graves. Most of them are moved back to their original positions; but some aren't, and the ghosts continue to stare at Mimi.

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