Chapter one of Black Paradox.


Four strangers get together for a group suicide after meeting on the "Black Paradox" website, where people can unite to arrange suicide pacts. They drive to the place where they have decided to kill themselves. On the way, each tells their story of why they want to die.

"Marusou" had a premonition that dreadful things would happen to her, and she would rather die than face them. "Taburou" met his doppelganger and, believing it to be an omen of death, has chosen to take his own life rather than wait for death to catch up to him. "Piitan" works in a robotics lab and was chosen to be the model for a superior humanoid robot. Since he can't compete with its perfection, he feels there is no longer any point in his existence. "Baracchi" believes that her own reflection has given her a death sentence and that the severe disfigurement affecting the left side of her face is a life of its own growing out of her. She, Piitan and Taburou all believe that another version of themselves has condemned them to die.

Marusou looks out of the window and sees an identical car, with passengers identical to her three companions, heading in the opposite direction. Baracchi says the version of herself in the car must be her reflection. Marusou realizes that the "Baracchi" she saw was indeed a mirror image of the one sitting with her, and that although Baracchi claims the right side of her face is disfigured, it's actually the left side. When Marusou looks into the car's rearview mirror, she does not see Baracchi's reflection.

Everyone gets out at the deserted woodland spot they have chosen for their suicide. As Piitan and Baracchi set up a hose to pump carbon monoxide out of the car, Taburou takes Marusou aside and privately tells her that Piitan is not the human, but the robot - he makes robotic noises when he moves. Marusou shows him that Baracchi has no reflection. They quickly realize that "Piitan" and "Baracchi" set them up to die; and run.

Marusou is almost caught by Baracchi, but Marusou throws a rock at her, which causes the reflection to shatter into glass. Piitan catches Taburou and stabs him with a knife, making Taburou's body explode. Marusou runs up to a parked car and knocks on the window screaming for help, but realizes the real Piitan, Taburou and Baracchi are inside. They are dozy from the carbon monoxide fumes but Piitan spots the robot outside, and they get out of the car. They thought Marusou had backed out on them, so they came without her. Marusou tells them that she had actually gone off with their alternate selves. The four agree to postpone their suicide attempt.