Chapter 5 of Tomie Part 2.


Chie discovers a box in her father's study, full of the most beautiful hair she has ever seen. She thinks that it might have belonged to her grandmother or to an old girlfriend of her father's. He becomes extremely distressed when he finds the box is missing; but Chie doesn't tell him she has it.

Over time, Chie notices the hair is growing longer. Her friend Miki plays around with the hair and attaches some of it to her own head and to Chie's. However, they can't remove the hair from themselves. Chie and Miki both begin seeing visions of Tomie. After Chie gives the box to Miki to hide so her father can't find it, Miki discovers that by cutting the hair it will grow faster and multiply. Tomie begins to appear to the girls more and more often, and they learn her name. Chie's parents' marriage begins to fall apart because of their arguments over the box, however she is transfixed by the image of Tomie and unable to focus on anything else.

When the girls return to school after the summer break, Miki has transplanted Tomie's hair onto her own head. She has also begun to speak to Tomie, while Chie can't. Chie stays home from school, obsessed with wanting to speak to Tomie. Miki comes over and tells her to transplant some of the hair onto her head - the more she has, the closer she'll be to Tomie. Chie tries it and is delighted to find that she can now speak to Tomie. Miki also gives the hair to other classmates who are desperate to have beautiful hair like hers.

Chie's mother leaves when her husband tells her Tomie is the real love of his life. Chie's mother goes to get Chie but finds her with the hair growing all over her. Chie is taken to hospital where the doctors remove the hair but discover that it has implanted itself into her brain and is growing outwards. Chie's father meets Miki and at first thinks she is Tomie. She says she's not but that she can speak to Tomie, and Tomie hates him and doesn't want to be near him. 

Chie's father confesses that he met Tomie a year ago, but she didn't return his love so he killed her. He kept her hair to remember her by. He begs to be allowed to speak to Tomie. Miki says "Yes." She is then killed as the hair begins to burst out from inside her, covering her entire body within seconds.