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Hallucinations is the first chapter from volume nine of the Horror World of Junji Ito Collection, also named Hallucinations. The main character is Oshikiri.


Oshikiri killed his best friend, Nakajima, because Nakajima had grown taller than him. Oshikiri buries his friend, but when he wipes away some dirt to look at his friend's body the neck looks stretched out much longer than it should be. He believes that in his panic it was just a hallucination.

At school the next day Oshikiri finds everyone worrying about Nakajima's disappearance, and becomes jealous all over again of his friend's popularity. Especially with their female friend Hotta. She approaches Oshikiri at school and pesters him with questions regarding Nakajima's disappearance, before saying that she saw Nakajima entering Oshikiri's house the other night. Oshikiri lies but when he looks over Hotta's neck stretches out like a snake to come after him. Other schoolboys stop him from attacking Hotta, who is curled up on the ground. While in the principal's office everyone's neck begins to stretch again, and Oshikiri runs home to find Nakajima's stretched neck and head sticking out of the ground asking to use his clubroom.

He goes to stay at his cousin Takayuki's house for the night after the scare, who tells him that this illusion of stretching necks probably comes from his isolation and distress. When Takayuki stands up however, he hits his head on the ceiling and his legs are stretched very long. Oshikiri runs back to his house where the head of Nakajima says that he must be that way because Oshikiri strangled him.

Oshikiri wakes up in the hospital. He confesses his crimes to the police, who dig up the body, which happens to be mysteriously long and stretched out.