Haunted Wood Mansion (also titled "Wooden Spirit") is a short story by Junji Ito. It is the second chapter of Ma no Kakera.


A woman visits a father and daughter living in a historic Japanese mansion. She is quickly enamored with the building...perhaps too much so...


Megumi and her father live in a magnificent ancestral home which has been declared a national treasure. The house is open to the public and regularly visited by students. One day, a woman calling herself Manami Kino comes to the house, claiming that she is an architecture student who wants to take the tour. She is enthralled with the structure of the house and reverently touches its beams. Megumi's father seems to be enchanted by Manami, and eagerly agrees when Manami asks to move in with them. Megumi tries to warn her father against Manami, suspecting that he is somehow being bewitched. However, Manami proves herself to be useful around the house, taking care of all the cooking and chores. Megumi comes to respect her, and eventually Manami marries her father.

Shortly after the wedding, Megumi's father begins acting strangely. He claims that the house now seems unusual to him and feels "different", even though Megumi can't see any change. She goes to talk to Manami about it, only to find her licking and grinding her naked body against the house's walls and floors. One night, Megumi wakes to strange noises and a disgusting smell as the house begins to shake violently. Thinking it's an earthquake, she runs to find her father frantically scrubbing at the floor, which is covered in what looks like sentient human eyes. Soon, all the beams and walls are covered with eyes, and a sucking vortex appears in the middle of the floor. Megumi looks up and sees Manami, who has turned into wood, sitting naked astride one of the beams.

Megumi faints in shock and dreams of her happy childhood in the house with her mother, who had abandoned the family many years ago. When she wakes, the scene of horror is still all around her, and her father is trying to burn the house down. She instead convinces him to run from the house, which soon collapses. He believes that Manami developed a sexual/romantic obsession with the house; in turn, it tried to return her affections. Manami has disappeared and the two conclude that she either escaped or somehow fused with the house. Of course, the house loses its status of national treasure, and Megumi and her father are now homeless.