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Horror World of Junji Ito is a series that collected all of Junji Ito's short stories and one-volume series. There are sixteen volumes in all. Only the first three volumes have ever been officially released in English their entirety while several others have been scanlated by fans. Other works were published in Museum of Terror vol. 3 by Dark Horse Comics.


  1. Tomie (富江)
  2. Tomie Part 2 (富江PART2)
  3. Flesh-Colored Horror (肉色の怪)
  4. The Face Burglar (顔泥棒)
  5. Souichi's Diary of Delights (双一の楽しい日記)
  6. Souichi's Diary of Curses (双一の呪い日記)
  7. Slug Girl
  8. Blood-Bubble Bushes
  9. Hallucinations
  10. House of the Marionettes
  11. The Town Without Streets
  12. The Bully
  13. The Circus is Here
  14. The Story of the Mysterious Tunnel
  15. Lovesick Dead
  16. Frankenstein