Also titled "Alone With You." Chapter five of Mimi no Kaidan.


Mimi goes to visit her parents, who run a bakery. There, she finds Kei; a little girl they have been looking after. Kei is extremely clingy and won't leave Mimi alone, even to go to the bathroom. Mimi's parents are very busy in the bakery and just tell her to look after Kei. They get angry when they see that Kei's face, and the hallway, are covered in soot. There are footprints in the soot but they are too big to be Kei's, and everyone else's feet are clean. Mimi's sister Hana complains, but their mother tells them quietly that Kei is there because her mother died and Kei doesn't know about it yet.

Kei will not leave Mimi alone even at night. Mimi asks her to go to her own bed but Kei is scared of the "ash lady." Mimi also sees ashen handprints across Kei's cheek. When she tells her parents, they are concerned and explain that Kei's mother committed suicide by setting herself on fire. Mimi dismisses any idea of ghosts, and reminds herself that Kei doesn't even know about the death yet. However, when she goes back to her room there are ashen handprints everywhere and a charred corpse is sitting on the bed next to Kei. 

At this point, Kei wakes up and screams. Mimi and Kei run out into the hallway but her parents can't see anything, even though Kei insists the "ash lady" is still there. They call in a Shinto priest to perform an exorcism. A shadow appears in ash, and then soot sprays everywhere, as the priest tells them that the spirit is running and screaming in pain. This continues for five hours, at the end of which everything is covered in deep, ashen scratch marks. 

Mimi's parents are forced to close down the bakery for a while. Kei goes home and Mimi later hears that she grew up happily.