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Little Finger is the first chapter of Tomie: Again.


This chapter introduces Tomie presenting as a young adult, presumably indicating that she can age. She has married a wealthy older man, and three of his four sons become infatuated with her. The youngest, Hiroya, is hideously ugly and is shunned by society and bullied by his brothers. He is the only one immune to Tomie's powers. Her husband commits suicide, leaving her all his money.

Tomie's stepsons argue over which of them should marry her. She tries to appeal to Hiroya, wondering why he can resist her. The other three become so jealous of him that they lock him in the basement with no food or water. Tomie tries to flirt with him but leaves him alone when he doesn't respond. Eventually, they agree to let Hiroya out if he will do something for them. Hiroya agrees because he's starving to death. His brothers reveal that they have cut Tomie into pieces.

Hiroya is tasked with dumping Tomie's corpse, but is distracted when Tomie reforms and wakes, asking him where she is. He is so startled that he crashes the car. It is several days before he is well enough to move, at which point he goes to a cafe and discovers that his brothers reported him to the police as Tomie's killer. He decides to hide out in a cave but finds four of Tomie's fingers in his pocket. Disgusted, he throws them onto the fire. 

Hiroya remains in the cave for about a month but is caught stealing food from a farmer and has to run for it. He goes deeper into the cave so they can't find him. There, he discovers that the four fingers have reformed into new Tomies but are monstrously burned and deformed because he threw them into the fire. The one that came from the little finger is the smallest and weakest, tormented as "Pinky" by the others. 

Hiroya becomes ill from infected wounds caused when he broke through a window to escape the farmer. The Tomies force him to watch as they torture "Pinky." He begs them to stop, traumatized by the memory of his brothers doing the same to him. The three others heal and reform into beautiful, ordinary (and teenage) Tomies, but Pinky remains ugly. She confesses to Hiroya that she loves him. Hiroya returns her feelings, but Pinky laughs and says she's finally found out what type of girl he goes for. After this she regenerates into a normal Tomie and leaves Hiroya alone to die of his injuries.