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New Voices in the Dark is a series of mostly one-shots.

Two stories, The Souichi Front and Souichi's Beloved Pet involve Souichi and the Tsujii family.


Chapter 1: The Souichi Front

The story is a direct continuation of Secret of the Haunted Mansion from the original Voices in the Dark.

Chapter 2: Souichi’s Beloved Pet

This story is about Soichi, the devilish boy that Ito has written about in a number of his other stories, and the events that unfold when his family adopts an abandoned cat.

Chapter 3: In The Valley of Mirrors

There is bitter enmity between two villages, facing each other across a river. But instead of erecting walls and battlements, they both decided to put up mirrors. What could this mean? And where did all the people disappear to, all those years ago?

Chapter 4: Anything but a Ghost

While driving on a mountain road one night, Shigeru finds a girl covered in blood.

Chapter 5: Library of Illusions

Koko lives with her husband Goro in a giant mansion full of books. The books are a family heirloom, and he's fiercely protective of them, so it would really suck if something were to happen to them...

Chapter 6: Songs in the Dark

Ever had a song stuck in your head? Of course you have, there's probably one there now. But what if it didn't go away? Days, weeks, months, the same song 24/7.

Chapter 7: Splatter Film

A bunch of stoned slackers get hooked on delicious honey, with delicious results.