The eighth chapter of Tomie: Again, and Junji Ito's last (to date) story about Tomie. This story is a direct continuation of Passing Demon and Top Model.


The town where Yasuko Nakamura lives is still besieged by the three Tomies (her sister Ayaka; Miho Kaneshiro; and Mai Oyama), and their stricken admirers trying to kill the girls. The mysterious man in black (Ryo) has been disposing of the boys, yet they continue to come. One such boy follows Ayaka home and kills her mother, while Yasuko and Ayaka hide out in the attic. 

Yasuko tells the man that she cannot protect Ayaka alone and, sure enough, soon another assassin burns the house down. Mai is also killed by one of the boys working for Ayaka. The man says that he will have her cremated to keep her from regenerating; and is taunted by Ayaka who, just like all the other Tomies, calls him ugly. 

Yasuko's family continues to move around to hide from Miho and her followers, with the man providing financial support since her (alcoholic) father can't hold down a job. Over the years, Ayaka becomes more beautiful and torments Yasuko, who remains plain. Yasuko is forced to kill their father when he falls under Ayaka's (Tomie's) spell. Ayaka's face is slashed by one of Miho's assassins, but Yasuko chases him away.  

Ayaka vanishes and returns a month later, her face completely healed. She has taken over the Kaneshiros' mansion and killed Miho, even though the man tried to stop her. Ayaka forces Yasuko to become her slave. She also starts bringing boyfriends over to the house, but the man warns Yasuko not to let this happen - they will eventually kill Tomie and this can't be permitted. Together, he and Yasuko subdue Ayaka and tie her up. Ayaka/Tomie begins to multiply so the man encases her in concrete to prevent this happening. 

Many decades pass. Yasuko is now 80 years old, and the man over a hundred. He goes to break the concrete block, satisfied that he will finally get his dream of seeing Tomie become old and ugly. He laughs triumphantly as he sees a vision of a raddled old hag before him; but it's just a hallucination and there's no one really there. Yasuko hears a plaintive, mournful howl; and sees an old crack in the concrete. She says, "I wonder if that's how Tomie got away?"