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Orphan Girl (also titled Adoptive Daughter) is the sixth chapter of Tomie Part 2.


In this story, Tomie is taken in by an elderly, wealthy couple called Mr. and Mrs. Hinada. They have previously adopted several orphaned girls who lived with them, but all the girls died. It is rumored in the town that they torture the girls to death. Tomie appears in their yard during a rainstorm, pretending that she was orphaned in a plane crash. The Hinadas decide to adopt her as their new daughter. She demands expensive food, clothes and jewelry, and amuses herself at their expense. 

Tomie tells the Hinadas of the rumors around town that they torture their adoptive daughters to death. She lures Mrs. Hinada into attacking her just as Mr. Hinada walks in. Their maid Satoko tells Mrs. Hinada her suspicions of Tomie including the fact that there was no plane crash on the night Tomie said there was. Mrs. Hinada agrees to adopt Satoko in Tomie's place but, when Satoko leaves the room to fetch water, she returns to find that Mrs. Hinada has committed suicide.

Satoko is discovered to have poisoned all the Hinadas' orphan girls. She wanted to be adopted as their daughter so that she could inherit all their money. Satoko doesn't know why the poison she administers in Tomie's food isn't working. Instead, she decides to strangle Tomie; but finds Mr. Hinada hacking Tomie to death. He also kills Satoko to keep her from telling anyone. As Tomie rises from the floor, already beginning to regenerate, the neighbors discuss the crime. Mr. Hinada subsequently killed himself, leaving Tomie as the sole heir to his fortune.