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Painter is the third chapter of Tomie Part 2.


Mitsuo Mori is a famous, successful artist whose work consists of portraits of young women; currently a model named Nana. At an exhibition of his work, he sees Tomie in the crowd. She tells him that he's very talented, but that Nana looks foolish. Tomie wants to become Mori's new model.

When Mori is working with Nana, Tomie arrives in his house. She says that Mori had told her Nana looked foolish and he didn't want to work with Nana any more. Nana gets angry and leaves. Tomie insists that Mori paint her and capture her beauty exactly right. She wants to leave a permanent imprint of herself; but no artist has ever done a satisfactory job. Mori completes a painting of her that he thinks is brilliant, but Tomie tells him it's worthless and she will find someone else to work with.

Mori becomes obsessed with Tomie, lapsing into alcoholism and trying over and over again to paint her. While at a bar he runs into an old friend who tells him that Iwata, a colleague they knew from art school, is attracting attention for his sculptures. He has begun work on a new series using Tomie as his model. Mori's friend took photos of Tomie without her knowledge, but all came out blurred and creepy, revealing Tomie with a monstrous appearance.

Mori thinks that Iwata sent Tomie over to him to make Nana leave and Mori lose his business. He goes over to Iwata's house, accusing him and demanding to know if Iwata could capture Tomie's beauty perfectly. They argue and Mori beats Iwata to death with one of his own sculptures, but sees that the other sculptures in the house are all broken into pieces. Tomie is also in the house and throws herself into Mori's arms, crying that Iwata destroyed his sculptures and tried to kill her. Mori promises that he'll paint Tomie's portrait just right this time.

While sitting for her portrait, Tomie tells Mori that every man who has ever loved her has tried to kill her, and she doesn't know why. Mori paints a picture of her with a hideous, monstrous face coming from her own beautiful one; just like the photos his friend took. Tomie hates the painting and sneers at it, causing Mori to fly into a homicidal rage and chop her into pieces.

After a few days, the severed body parts begin to slowly regenerate. Mori knows that they will all become new copies of Tomie, but doesn't expect to live to see this happen, because he can't eat and is wasting away.