Chapter six of Tomie: Again.


This chapter introduces Ayaka, an eight-year-old girl who is obviously a younger form of Tomie. She tries to seduce an older boy called Yukio, but her mother takes her home. Ayaka's older (and plain) sister Yasuko has a crush on Yukio and is jealous of Ayaka. Their father, an alcoholic, suspects that Ayaka is not really his daughter since she is too pretty to have come from his family. His wife says that Ayaka was a normal baby but started to change when she was a year old. 

Yasuko's friend shows her another little girl who looks just like Ayaka. There are three or four identical children in the town, all just like Ayaka and the same age as her. Ayaka follows them and sees the other girl. The two instantly hate each other. 

At home, Yasuko tells her parents about the other girl; and her mother explains what happened to Ayaka. When Ayaka was a baby, a mysterious man grabbed her in the park and injected her with something from a syringe. Hospital tests could find nothing wrong with her but from then on she became beautiful and badly-behaved. Other little girls were also attacked by the man, including the daughter of the rich Kaneshiro family - the girl Ayaka met today. 

Yukio, under Ayaka's spell, tries to kill the Kaneshiros' daughter with a knife, but loses her in a crowd and commits suicide in front of them. Yasuko witnesses the scene and realizes what's going on. Ayaka and Kaneshiro meet a third "Tomie" and all reavow their intention to kill each other. The city is taken over by a wave of youth violence as stricken boys with knives try to kill the girls on each others' behalf. 

Yasuko sits alone in the park where the mysterious man attacked Ayaka. She cannot figure out why Ayaka is able to control the boys. There, the man finds Yasuko and asks her to keep Ayaka safe. He injected three young girls with Tomie's blood in order to create a Tomie who could age normally, so that he could have the satisfaction of watching her grow old and ugly. Yasuko, under pressure from him reluctantly agrees that she'll protect Ayaka for him.