Chapter 5 of Tomie


A mountaineering team finds Tomie freezing in the snow. She claims her boyfriend abandoned her there. Doi slips and is trapped while trying to rescue her, and Hamaguchi falls under her spell, causing him to strip off his clothes and give them to Tomie. Only Tanimura remains unaffected.

The team gets lost in the snow, and Tomie insists they stay out in a snowstorm and take her to their cabin rather than sheltering. She also insists that Tanimura carry her on his back, which Hamaguchi orders him to do even though Tanimura is an inexperienced climber. Hamaguchi becomes jealous of Tomie clinging to Tanimura, and tries to resolve the matter by cutting her in half with a pickaxe. Tanimura saves her in time so Tomie only gets an arm wound. He takes her to the cabin but is shocked to find her arm has already healed.

Tanimura says that he came on the trip to look for his brother, who disappeared and was seen climbing alone. Doi and Hamaguchi are his brother's friends who usually went climbing with him. Tomie says that she had been alone on the mountain for a month after her boyfriend cut her into pieces and left her there; but she was revived to take revenge on him. She says his name was Tetsuya Tanimura - Tanimura's brother. 

Tanimura wonders if his brother really killed Tomie. He doesn't believe the story can be true, but then he becomes possessed by Tomie and stabs her with a hunting knife. She screams that she will never forgive him; and collapses. Tanimura runs away across the mountainside but is forced to camp due to the snow. He finds his brother's body frozen solid, with a Tomie eating the remains to keep her alive. Behind him, the Tomie he stabbed has regenerated and is sneaking up on him.