Also titled Souichi's Selfish Curse. Chapter one of Souichi's Diary of Curses.


Souichi uses a voodoo doll to torture his classmate Ootani, sticking pins into its stomach so that Ootani collapses with stomach pain and is taken to hospital. Others in the class gossip about it while Souichi giggles to himself about how powerful he is. He also thinks that two girls are admiring him when in reality they think he is a loser. He then uses his powers to make two other boys have a fight and attack each other. However, Souichi tells the reader that he's really a kind person; and proves it by rescuing a toad to keep as his pet.

At home, Souichi boasts to his family about his power and argues with his brother Kouichi, also using the toad to scare their sister Sayuri. Getting the idea of animal hibernation from the toad, he buries a voodoo doll in some parkland to represent another classmate; who goes missing and is found buried in the ground. The owner of the parkland becomes annoyed at Souichi damaging his trees with nails, and vows to catch the culprit.

Souichi continues to torment his siblings and classmates with various methods, but comes unstuck when he lures a classmate to the parkland in order to scare him with a giant spider costume. Souichi climbs a tree in his costume and gets stuck in a trap that the trees' owner set for him. Just as the man is about to attack Souichi with an axe, Kouichi appears. The man is forced to let the boys go when Kouichi points out that setting traps is illegal. Kouichi drags Souichi home, where Souichi is upset that his toad has died - it suffocated because Souichi shut it in a box without any air.

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