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Souichi Tsujii (辻井 双一, Tsujii Sōichi) is the main character of many of the short stories in the Junji Ito Collection Manga, and is featured in the new Junji Ito Collection anime. He is usually seen biting iron/steel nails in his mouth due to the lack of iron in his body. Like many of Junji Ito’s antagonist characters, Souichi is known for his schemes, though many of them backfire in comedic and ironic ways.


He insists that he was born on June 6, at precisely 6:06 and 6 seconds, though his actual birthday is May 3. An eccentric oddball of an 11 year old, Souichi specializes in Onmyōdō and enjoys causing havoc against people he doesn't like. Despite the dark nature of his actions, Souichi is shown to be childish, spelling things wrong or mistaking words, reminding us that he's still only 11. Souichi apparently suffers from anemia—as a result, he is almost always seen chewing iron nails in his mouth and sometimes makes them look like teeth. He dislikes his older brother Koichi and cousin Michina, and often tries to scare them and his sister Sayuri.

As an adult, he somehow masters high level of dark magic as he now can generate nails from his mouths and put a binding spell to turn his family into hideous figures to do his bidding in his haunted house business. At the same time, he marries Miss Fuchi and fathers a son who is a cannibalistic monster just like his mother. Due to his wife's terrifying personality, he has to live a nomadic life to get away from her as he goes from town to town opening haunted houses to get away from her. Eventually, his wife tracks him down and drags him away with her whilst threatening to kill him if he leaves her and their son again.


Souichi is cunning and specializes in Black Magic. He uses Katashiro Dolls and can harm others by hammering nails into the dolls, which he used once to send someone to the hospital. He can use the Katashiro Dolls in other ways as well, like burying or drowning a person. He can cause others to hallucinate by dropping something on their doll; For example, causing someone to hallucinate a giant spider, due to Souichi dropping a spider toy on their doll. He also can create human sized dolls who are able to talk and move.

He can cause mischief to others simply by cursing them repeatedly. He can bring back the dead to life and change the weather by simply using a curse. He has also stated that he can talk to any doll. His curses seem to have no range limit as, Souichi's curse on his cousin Yuusuke who is in Tokyo, affected him. The amount of curses that Souichi possesses is unknown, though it seems to be large.

One of his oddest abilities may be that he can not only build a soundproof room with the help of his black magic, but he can imitate cicada sounds. This is shown when he creates a four-layered room for his brother to study in, only to crawl into the walls and annoy his brother with insect noises.

He otherwise can generate and shoot nails out of his mouth.


  • The name Souichi means "pair, set, cloven" (双) (sou) and "one" (一) (ichi).
  • Souichi's surname Tsujii means "street, crossroad" (辻) (tsuji) and "well, mine shaft, pit" (井) (i).


  • Souichi tries to scare people often, sometimes using black magic, but his attempts almost always backfire on him in some way. For example, he hammers nails into dolls on trees, but the owner of the land gets angry and tries to kill him. As for the more mundane methods of scaring people, he tries to scare his sister with a spider only for his older brother to throw it back at him, causing Souichi to realize that he is also afraid of spiders.
  • His black magic is actually legitimate and works on a few occasions; one example is when he causes a student to hallucinate and see a giant spider using a katashiro doll and toy spider.
  • Souichi is shown to be rather unpopular and to be a loner in school. However, he seems to think he is popular, as shown when he mistakes girls glancing at him and whispering about how creepy he is as them admiring him.
  • Souichi often talks and laughs to himself in school, making his classmates think he's super creepy.
  • Souichi hates his cousin, Michina, who happens to share a birthday with him.
  • Souichi only resembles one family member in the Tsujii family: His grandmother, who is dead now.
  • Souichi took home a toad as a pet and to scare his sister with, but when he put it into a box with a lid as a makeshift habitat, he accidentally killed it.
  • Souichi's grandmother claims that he had a twin named Souji; Souichi's parents say this isn't true, but Souji's ghost appeared along with his grandmother's in order to menace Michina. It is possible that Souji died in the womb before Souichi was born.
  • The reason Souichi stopped the premonition of his grandmother and twin brother from attacking Michina was because she saved him the slice of cake that he had shot a nail into.
  • Souichi often believes himself to be a vampire, shaping his teeth into fangs and writing that he needs to drink the blood of women because he is anemic. He also wants to sleep in a westernized coffin, and brings his grandfather back from the dead to build him one.