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Splatter Film is the seventh chapter of New Voices in the Dark.


Ogi, a stoner, presents his friend Sugio with some honey. Ogi got the jar of honey from some natives while staying in South America. They worshiped the plants that the honey comes from and would even risk their lives to get it; but warned Ogi "not to get caught" eating the honey. Sugio tastes the honey and thinks it's the most delicious thing he's ever eaten. When he comes down from his high, he develops "the munchies", but finds nothing tastes good to him any more after the honey.

When Sugio tells their other friends about the honey, they all go over to Ogi's house wanting some; but can't find him. They eventually discover human remains splattered all over the wall. They run, taking the honey with them. Everyone eats the honey and mixes it with their drugs. They can't decide if what they found in Ogi's house was really what was left of him, or just some kind of weird wall decoration - but then another of them splatters into human goo.

The remaining group members discuss what could be happening. Sugio recalls Ogi's words "not to get caught" eating the honey. One more of them "splatters", leaving Sugio, Yue, and Kameda as the only survivors. They are addicted to the honey like a drug, and are unable to eat anything else, causing them to lose weight rapidly. Two of Kameda's friends also "splatter" after they find his stash. They still haven't figured what "getting caught" means, but when Sugio drinks the honey straight from the jar, he splatters.

Yue says that she saw something come out of nowhere and squish him flat. She tries to beat the system by wading out into a river; but is, herself, splattered. Kameda finds Sugio's wallet, containing a piece of paper which seems to be a map to the honey. Kameda travels to South America to get more. He discovers, too late, that the honey comes from a tree which has branches that can reach anywhere in the world, flattening anyone who is eating the honey.