Devil's logic
Chapter six from volume 8 of the Horror World of Junji Ito series, Blood Bubble Bushes.


A girl called Kazumi Morimoto commits suicide by jumping from the roof of the school. Her friend wonders why she would kill herself when an hour ago she had been happy and planning a date with the boy she liked. He had placed a tape recorder in her bag to record her with the boy and embarrass her; so he plays back the tape.

He discovers that after saying goodbye to her boyfriend, Morimoto was approached by an upperclassman named Kumagaya. She had used the "logic" of death to possess Morimoto and lure her into suicide so that Kumagaya could film it. Morimoto's friend believes that Kumagaya is the personification of death, and realizes that now he, too, is possessed.

He wanders looking for somewhere to kill himself, just as Morimoto had; and climbs onto the roof of a high-rise. The last voice he hears is of Ms. Yokoi, the teacher who had followed Morimoto onto the roof. He discovers that far from trying to save her as everyone thought, Yokoi had actually ordered Morimoto to jump. As the boy leaps to his own death, the spirit of death speaking through Ms. Yokoi says that it will eventually convince the whole world to die.