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Chapter 6 of Voices in the Dark.


People begin to mysteriously freeze in place becoming statue-like, unable to move. If physically moved by someone else, they return to the same location. They become known as "the earthbound", and increase in number. It is soon believed that they are carrying a disease.

A girl named Asano begins visiting the earthbound, leaving food for them even though they can't eat or drink. She belongs to a volunteer group called "Blue Sky" which is trying to help the earthbound. She believes that their condition is caused by something internal, not by a disease; and is proven right when she encounters a boy who has become "earthbound" at the spot where his beloved dog died.

Asano goes home to find that her boss has become earthbound in her own room. He says he's never been to her home before, and she realizes his attachment is to her. That night, she wakes after a violent recurring nightmare. Her boss tries to console her and Asano explains that some time ago she was raped by a masked criminal who broke into her house. Ever since then she has had to frequently move house because of her fear that the man would come back for her.

Soon, the earthbound begin to freeze solid like statues, and eventually shatter into pieces. Asano discovers that the boy frozen at the spot where his dog died had killed the dog himself; from this and other cases, it is established that the earthbound are trapped by their guilt over complicity in a crime. Later, Asano discovers that a girl had been raped and murdered in what is now Asano's bedroom. The culprit was a serial burglar and rapist who was never caught. She confronts her earthbound boss. However, he is unwilling to answer, and is subsequently removed from the room by a hazmat team collecting up the earthbound.

The earthbound continue to increase in number daily. Even though her boss is gone, Asano still feels the compulsion to keep moving house.