The Neighbour's Window, also titled The Window Next Door or The Adjacent Window, is the third chapter from volume 13 of the Horror World of Junji Ito Collection, The Circus is Here.


Hiroshi Sakaguchi and his family move into a new house. They are curious about the house next door, which has only one window. They discover that the inhabitant, a middle-aged woman, is never seen; but neighbors have spotted a figure at the window during the night. When Hiroshi goes to bed he hears a voice calling to him and sees a woman with a hideous, corpse-like face and clawed, bony hands asking him to come visit her.

Hiroshi thinks it was a dream, but the following night hears the voice again, now angry that he didn't visit. He looks out of the window to see the woman trying to climb across to his room using a long pole. Hiroshi knocks the pole down and runs into his parents' room, calling for help. They can't see anything outside, and are not sure whether the woman is real. After some discussion the family agrees that Hiroshi will switch rooms with his parents. 

The woman doesn't reappear, and Hiroshi eventually moves back to his old room. When he goes to sleep, the woman appears once more, this time trying to reach over to his house with only her hands, hoping to knock on his window. Hiroshi waits but she never arrives. In the morning it is revealed that the window itself has magically stretched out from the woman's house towards his own, and Hiroshi figures that by the end of that night, she'll be able to reach his window and he will no longer be safe. The family is talking about moving to another house.

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