Also titled "Morita Hospital." Chapter 1 of Tomie Part 2.


Takagi, Tomie's former teacher, escapes from the jail where he was being held. The prison guards discuss his case including the fact that Tomie returned to the school and was believed to be a ghost; yet Takagi said that she was never a regular person.

At Morita Hospital, Yukiko is awaiting a kidney transplant. Her boyfriend Tadashi visits her every day but has become distant towards her. She looks out of the window and sees him meeting Tomie in the street. Later, Tomie comes to Yukiko's room and introduces herself as Reiko Mizutani, Tadashi's new girlfriend. She says that Tadashi hates Yukiko and wants her to die, has tried to break up with her, and is a two-faced liar and not the caring man Yukiko thought. Tomie becomes enraged when Yukiko throws a stuffed animal at her, but then a nurse removes Tomie from the room.

When Tadashi visits next, Yukiko says that she knows about "Reiko", and orders him to leave. Yukiko later goes into shock and has to have an emergency transfusion to save her life. Later, Tadashi confronts Reiko over what she said to Yukiko. Reiko says that she and Yukiko are friends, and Yukiko confessed to cheating on Tadashi with a doctor at the hospital. Tadashi is suspicious of Reiko, whose stories about her past and what school she goes to change each time. Reiko gets angry when Tadashi won't buy her a pair of earrings, and says she's going to find a rich man. She also confesses that her name isn't really Reiko.

Tadashi thinks back to when he met "Reiko" at the coast (presumably, after the events of Tomie, a Tomie washed up in the sea.) He realizes that she looks like the pictures of Tomie Kawakami, the murder victim whose death was reported in the news. Tadashi plans to go back to the hospital and apologize to Yukiko, but Tomie/Reiko appears. She says she was just teasing him about the earrings and really loves him. Tadashi stabs her to death and is caught by the police.

At the station, Tadashi says he doesn't know why he killed her, but that ever since he met her he has had a strange compulsion to chop her into pieces. At the hospital, Tomie is the only possible kidney match for Yukiko (who has a very rare blood type) but they can't authorize a donation without the approval of the victim's family. However, Takagi appears in disguise and identifies her as his daughter. He gives permission for the transplant, and disappears. 

The operation goes ahead, but Yukiko's stomach starts to swell, and she collapses in pain. An X-ray shows that the "kidney" is growing arms and legs, and starting to turn into a human head. Doctors rush to remove it, but when they do, it emerges as a fully-formed head which announces that her name is Tomie.