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Top Model is the seventh chapter of Tomie: Again. This story is a direct continuation of Passing Demon.


Ryo, a very handsome male model cannot find a girlfriend as beautiful as he. His photographer friend tells him there is one, but she refuses to have her photo taken. Of course, it's Tomie. Ryo becomes obsessed with her but she calls him ugly and boring. No matter how much he spends on her, she continues to insult him. Ryo eventually snaps and tells her that she isn't beautiful enough to be a model and that's why she won't have her photo taken. 

Another of Tomie's admirers comes over to Ryo's house and disfigures his face with a knife, ending his modeling career. Tomie smugly confronts him and says the only way he'll make money now is as a prostitute. Ryo is so furious he slashes her face as well. He takes Tomie back to his house and says they have to stay together now since no one else will want them. When the scar heals almost instantly, Ryo is enraged. He stabs her in the face over and over again. The wounds become infected and cause new Tomies to form from them. They all insult him and call him ugly.

Ryo can eventually take no more, and burns down the house. He survives but his whole face is burnt off. He makes his way to the park, where he meets another Tomie. Since then he has met many more versions of her, all of whom call him ugly and taunt him with their beauty. It is then shown that Ryo is the mysterious man who injected the little girls with Tomie's blood; and is telling his story to Yasuko. He has planned to make Tomie old and ugly via the girls, so he can finally have his revenge. However, Yasuko doesn't know who Tomie is.