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Toru Oshikiri is the protagonist of the ninth Horror World of Junji Ito collection, which is entitled Hallucinations. The six chapters comprising the Hallucinations series were also collected into the 2018 Viz Media story collection volume entitled Frankenstein.


As well as appearing in the ninth Horror World of Junji Ito collection, entitled Hallucinations, the Hallucinations series was also collected into the 2018 Viz Media story collection volume entitled Frankenstein. Finally, Toru Oshikiri is one of the main protagonists in the Junji Ito Collection anime.


Of particularly dour personality, Toru Oshikiri is a high school student who gets caught up in strange events that may or may not be hallucinations. He has a short temper and is especially sensitive about his height. His family is very wealthy, proven by the fact that they can afford a somewhat remote, large detached house away from others. Throughout the Hallucinations story chapters Oshikiri lives alone in the large family home whilst his parents are away working overseas. When his hallucinations begin he shows fear when confronted by them as any typical person would, however, despite experiencing a number of terrors within his own home he often copes with them by purposely stifling his own fear, such as when passing the area where he discovers a petrified body located within a wall cavity.

Alternate Oshikiri

Another Oshikiri from an alternate dimension travels to Oshikiri's world and wreaks havoc. There are many versions of him from different dimensions, however, only one is seen during the Hallucinations series. Alternate Oshikiri commits several murders and experiments on people from Oshikiri's dimension in order to perfect a chemical formula that will result in increasing his own height by the perfect degree, however, his experiments invariably cause them to mutate horrifically, after which he disposes of the evidence of his murders by discarding the mutants into Oshikiri's dimension. Alternate Oshikiri claims to be the "real" Toru Oshikiri, and perceives Oshikiri as an alternate Oshikiri.

Other Characters

Toru Oshikiri encounters the following secondary characters throughout Hallucinations:

  • Nakajima
  • Takayuki
  • Hotta
  • Kojima
  • Kozue
  • Yumiko
  • Satomi
  • Kamiyama
  • Watanabe
  • Koizumi
  • Mio Fuji
  • Mom
  • Dad